LEGACOOP SOCIALI, founded in September 2005, it is the national association that organizes and represents the social cooperatives belonging to Legacoop and promotes the design development, and social entrepreneurship.

Diesis is a non-profit European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy, Cooperatives, and participative Enterprises.

Scuola Nazionale Servizi (SNS) is a Foundation for applied research, management consulting, teaching and training for enterprises and purchasers of outsourced services.

UIL Umbria is the regional articulation, in the territory of the Umbria region, of the Italian national confederation of trade unions UIL - Unione Italiana del Lavoro (Italian Labour Union), funded in 1950.

CECOP - CICOPA Europe is the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives. Founded in 1979 in Manchester, it affiliates 27 members in 15 European countries including organizations promoting cooperatives and national confederations or federations of cooperatives representing around 50,000 enterprises employing 1.3 million workers.