WHY is It needed?

The EI FOR PHS project is expected to foster AWARENESS of employers and workers on Information, Consultation and Participation (ICP) of workers’ rights in the Personal Care and Household Services (PHS) sector at national and european level and to boost  BUSINESS MODELS AND GOVERNANCE APPROACHES that ensure the effective involvement of employees in the management of PHS enterprises. The project seeks  to serve as a tool to policy makers, trade unions,  workers and employers in their efforts to create full, decent, quality employment in PHS sector through the enhancement of workers' ICP rights.

WHO is It for?

Final Beneficiaries of the project will be  Employees of Personal Care and Household Services as the project aims at developping  expertise across Member States on Information Consultation and Participation  rights in order to  improve the effectiveness of EU law on employee involvement in in PHS enterprises. The project Nework will involve:  representatives of national and european trade unions; representatives of national and european cooperative associations; representatives of national entities (e.g. SMEs, COOPs) operating in the field of Personal Care and Household Services sector;  representatives of local, regional, national and European institutions; representatives of civil society; experts and local authorities.

WHERE does it take place? 

National legislative contexts and policies shape the opportunities for – and the obstacles to - effective Employees participation in the management of enterprises. Five Focus Countries such as: Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovenjia and France will be analysed  to demonstrate that quality of services in PHS sector depends on quality of work  conditions;  furthermore an   higher level of cooperation between employers and employees secures an  higher quality of work.   

WHAT does it Investigate?

Eifor PHS wants to investigate the relation between the success of PHS enterprises and the degree of workers’ involvement in the management of the enterprises. The research main goal is  to confirm the findings of a recent  ILO survey (March 2016) stating that in PHS sector social enterprises and cooperatives are responsive and quality providers of care, able to secure better conditions of work especially for female workers.   

WHICH partners are working on this? 

  • Legacoopsociali,  Lead partner  in charge of defining the  project's strategic approach and responsible for the overall coordination & management of the project  
  • Fondazione Scuola Nazionale Servizi in charge of the coordination of the research activities  
  • DIESIS  (along with its affilieted Confesal and Coceta) in charge of the identification and analysis of the relevant practices   
  • CECOP/CICOPA in charge of coordinating the definition of the policy Reccomendations
  • UIL UMBRIA in charge of coordinating the involvement in the project  of Trade unions operating at national and european level  



Make YOUR practice an Eifor PHS practice: if you are running a concrete action in favour of the  improvement of workers' ICP rights or You are aware of relevant practices of enterprises operating in PHS sector, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.